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Cosmetic eyebrow tattoo


Cosmetic tattooing has become increasingly popular over recent years, many factors can effect how long the pigment lasts depending on technique used, skin type, medications, if your brows are exposed to the sun alot/skin treatments etc. Normally expect 12 months before a top up appointment to freshen up the colour but this can be less depending on many factors. Cosmetic tattooing is great for anyone wanting to reduce time getting ready and filling in their brows or for someone who has uneven brows for symmetry. Before your appointment forms are sent through for you to read over and for information for the purchase of numbing cream to bring along to your appointment. At your appointment any questions are answered and gone through while the numbing cream is  working its magic, paperwork is filled and signed. Once this is all completed, colour is discussed and shown and agreed on. Finally the brows are measured and drawn on, once we are both happy with the shape the tattooing process begins.

FREE consultation
AFTERPAY available

Salon located in Chirnside Park

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3 hour appointment
Mimics the natural brow hair and transforms sparse or asymmetrical brows into natural looking brows. Only can be done on certain skin types.

3 hour appointment
Ombre - A machine technique to give definition on the tail end fading to a soft powdery effect at the inner bulb.
Powder brows - A more defined machine brow for a powdery look. Great for all skin types/

3.5 hour appointment
A combination of shading & microblading or nano. Can be done a few different ways.


3.5 hour appointment
A machine technique where pigment is tattooed into the skin forming hairstrokes creating a very natural look, can be done on all skin types and lasts between 1-2 years.

Eyebrows yearly touchup $300
Touchup after 4 weeks $100

A $100 NON refundable deposit for Cosmetic tattoo appointments.

BSB: 633 000
ACC: 163 881 915
Descriptions: Full name + service

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