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Collagen Induction Therapy (Micro-Needling)

Clinically proven micro-needling skin rejuvenation

Surgical grade micro-needles create tiny wounds that accelerate the body's natural healing process and work to repair the skin through increased production of collagen and elastin.
Treatments with the eDermastamp involve minimal discomfort and are more comfortable than treatments with standard micro-needling devices.
Depending on treatment intensity you may experience redness and minor pin point bleeding immediately after a micro-needling treatment. Post-treatment redness may appear like a mild sunburn and last up to 3 days. 
Clients are able to see results in as little as 13 days with collagen production formulating 6 weeks post treatment. Depending on the treatment area and desired outcome, most clients will require 4-6 treatments to achieve best results.

You will be recommended Dermalogica, Australia's No 1 Professional Cosmeceutical Skin Care Brand for optimal results. 

Salon in Chirnside Park
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Full Face $250
Neck $200
Decolletage $200
Face + Neck $400
Face + Neck + Decolletage $550
Acne Scarring $220
Surgical Scarring 4x4cm $120
Body Area (Hips, thigh or stomach) 5cm x 10cm $249

A $50 NON-refundable deposit required for full face Collagen Induction Therapy

BSB: 633 000
ACC: 163 881 915
Descriptions: Full name + service

before and after micro needling
before & after x6 micro needling.jpg
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