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Plamere plasma pen being used on a client

Plamere Plasma Skin Tightening

Also referred to as soft surgery, plasma pen treatments can effectively reduce hooded eyes, lines & wrinkles and plump thin and sagging skin. 

Prior to treatment a topical numbing cream is applied to areas being treated. Once numb the plasma pen tip is placed close to the skin being treated which sets off a spark called a 'plasma arc' this zaps the skin and vaporizes it, leaving a little carbon dot and causing instant contraction and tightening instantly and over 3 months as the skin continually improves and strengthens. These results last years and only with new ongoing aging and breakdown of the skin you may feel you need another appointment in 2-3 years. Aftercare is essential for optimal results and is included in treatment pricing.

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Plasma pen pricing:
Upper eyelid lift  $800
Under eye  $500
Crows feet  $500
Brow Lift  $300
Forehead lines  $500
Non surgical rhinoplasty $500
Ear fold  $300
Nasiolabial fold  $500
Jaw line  $500
Double chin  $300
Neck lift  $1500

A $100 NON refundable deposit for Plamere plasma pen skin tightening appointments.

BSB: 633 000
ACC: 163 881 915
Descriptions: Full name + service

Plasma pen skin tightening before & straight after
plasma pen skin tightening before and straight after
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